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My Technique

My technique is not based on kneading and stroking. It is a bodywork or manual therapy as apposed to a massage. At times some massage is necessary, but mainly the session is done without lubricants. I use elements of: Neuromuscular Therapy, Trigger Point Therapy, Myofacial Release, and Acupressure.

I created 2 techniques:

Interconnectedness Technique – It is like a body reflexology. I remapped the body and discovered how different areas of the body are connected. Many of these areas are not in close proximity. Instead of going right to the area of complaint, I use ICT to remove the blocks that affect the problem area. After all related areas are addressed, the condition is treated more completely with much better results. 

Periostal Bodywork - Is a technique that addresses the nerves in the bone to relieve deep muscle tension. Muscles do not hold onto the bones directly. They hold onto the covering on the bone, or periostium. When muscles are tight, they pull harder on the periostium. Over time the bone actually starts to get sore. When the bone develops periostial soreness, the nerves in the bone send out signals to all surrounding muscles. This makes muscles tighten up even more. By a systematic massage of the bones, muscle tension is relieved at the deepest level. Periostial Soreness is at the core of all muscle tension.

Clients tell me all the time that they have never experienced any bodywork like mine. I look at the body in a unique way, but it's also a logical way.

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